Our sustainability approach

Fawn was born from a love of the ocean and we want to do our part to preserve it for future generations to come, so it is of utmost importance to us that our brand reflects that intention and that we align with other businesses with the same philosophy all the way through our supply chain.

We want to be completely transparent and honest about our environmental impact and we understand this will be a constantly evolving journey for us.

Read on to find out what we are currently doing to minimise our impact and our future goals.

Slow fashion

We produce our collections in limited quantities to help minimise waste by only purchasing what we need.

Our designs are timeless and will transcend from season to season, while only highest quality fabrics are used to ensure it lasts just as long.

A lot of our pieces are designed to be worn in multiple different ways, giving you multiple looks in one and reducing the need for you to purchase multiple bikinis.

1 order = 1 tree planted

We pledge to plant one tree per order received.

We have partnered with non-profit organization One Tree Planted so that together we can restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive impact around the world. One Tree Planted have planted trees in more than 47 countries around the world since 2014. In 2021 alone, they planted 23.5 million trees! 

Ethical manufacturing

Our manufacturers in Bali are committed to sustainable production practices as well as providing a fair and safe work environment for employees and their families.

Every employee receives:

- Above average salary of 13 months paid per year, allowing a vacation payment once a year of two months’ salary

- Free medical insurance, including their spouse & children

- A hot cooked healthy meal and vitamin supplements each day

- Comfortable, air conditioned work areas

- Overtime is always optional and paid up to 3 times the hourly rate

Our manufacturer is on a mission to become net zero with 95% of their fabrics incorporating salvaged fishing nets, plastic bottles & other post-consumer waste. All samples and production orders are shipped to us in compostable packaging made from cassava root.

Each month, they also donate to the Bali Street Mums Foundation which provides shelter, medical aid, food & education to homeless mothers & children on the streets of Bali.

Fabric sourcing

Our swimwear is made using highest quality fabric from Italian textile manufacturer Carvico, a green company specialising in recycled fabrics and environmentally friendly processes.

Carvico applies and embraces a structured ethical code to their business with the aim of preserving our earths' natural resources and reducing their overall carbon emissions as well as pollution and waste minimization.

100% biodegradable packaging

All of your packaging is compostable, including your mailer, shipping label, tissue paper, stickers, hang tags and cards - so treat your worm friends to a feast!

If you don't have a home compost set up easily accessible, you may be able to pop it in your green waste bin if you have one (check with your council first) or contact your local community garden or council. Alternatively search for a commercial composter by clicking the button below.

Post purchase

We encourage you to care for your piece in a certain way so as to preserve its life, as well as the planet!

We recommend rinsing your swimwear in cold water immediately after use and lay flat in the shade to dry. Ensure your swimwear is completely dry before putting away.

Avoid washing machines, tumble dryers, harsh chemicals and hot water. If you must machine wash, use a cool, gentle cycle in a delicates wash bag (extra points if its a Guppyfriend).

One day, if your piece no longer brings you the same joy, consider giving it to a friend who might enjoy it just as much as you did.

Future goals

Our sustainability journey is one that will be forever evolving and changing and we are constantly thinking up new ways to reduce our impact.

For now, our next steps are:

- Creating and designing our next collection from fabrics made from recycled fishing nets

Beyond this, our intention is to be a completely carbon neutral company - but we won't stop there, with the end goal to eventually be a carbon negative one.

Make sure you're subscribed to our email list for updates on new developments in our journey, and check back to this page as we will update our goals as we go along.